Software Engineer

Position Purpose

We are looking for talented software engineers to join the Kaggle team.

We have branched out behind our core data mining competititons, to build end-to-end solutions on an industry by industry basis. Our first industry is energy, where we're building solutions that can transform the world's largest industry.

In the energy sector, we've started with two basic solutions:

using detailed geological data to pick the best place to lease and drill for oil & gas;
using detailed data on drilling practices to help operators produce efficiently.

These solutions help Oil & Gas companies operate more efficiently limiting both capital destruction and environmental impact (for example: 25% of wells in the Eagle Ford field in south Texas are uneconomic and should not be drilled).

The software engineering challenges in energy have some interesting properties:

geospatial data
mix of deep science, machine learning, and robust engineering
we care about explainability and insights
Addressing these challenges requires integration with complex data sources and types, sophisticated numerical computing, and communicating the results in clean, simple interfaces.

The company is based in San Francisco, but we're open to remote employees as well.

Job Summary

  • United States of America
Date Posted:
04 Dec 2014
Engineering Software
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