RPX Corporation (NASDAQ: RPXC)

Company Profile

RPX Corporation is a pioneering provider of patent risk solutions, offering defensive buying, acquisition syndication, patent intelligence, insurance and advisory services. Two products: Membership & Insurance. Membership provides full access to RPX patents to defend claims, $90k starting fees p.a. Insurance offers advisory services to defend vs NPE claims, and access to licenses for specific defensive patents (for a fee, $20k+ each time). Insurance annual fees depend on size & risk-profile, but for eg elasticsearch & centrify are <$10k. Sectors focused on = ecommerce, GPS, fs, telematics, mobile banking... High-risk areas = software, networking, hardware, consumer electronics. For ecomm, risks really climb when you are >$200m revs Benefts of insurance: Avg time to settle NPE claim = 15m, but 6m for RPX clients. And costs much reduced (legal fees & settlement $'s)

Company Info

  • HQ: San Francisco, USA
Founders and CEO:
  • John Amster
  • Geoffrey Barker
Index Team:
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